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Neah Bay - July 26th, 2010
  • Recorded:
  • Fog
  • 72 ° F 
  • Fishing: Good
3 boats, 8 men and no salmon.

We fished Neah Bay Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Despite the clear, sunny weather across the entire state Washington, Neah Bay was a bit chilly and completely fogged in until Sunday AM. This, coupled with HUGE tide exchanges, made for some lumpy water and tough conditions. Rock fish and Ling Cod fishing was good, not great and there were no salmon to be found on the inside of Tatoosh. Those boats we saw that were able to make it out to Swift Shore Bank seemed to be able to limit out, but the fish were deep.
Cedar River - July 25th, 2010
  • Recorded:
  • Sunny
  • 74 ° F 
  • Fishing: Great
4 fish landed today between 8” and 21”.  Down low the river is still fishing well very early in the morning.  We nymphed all morning and raised/hooked lots of fish with 4 to hand.  Make sure to have a strong and long 6 weight to get your double nymph rigs out there without tangling as well as fighting the big fish.  Try to be on the river by 5:00AM and expect to be all by yourself.  Fish the darker water with a large fly like a speculator on top with a small, colored dropper underneath.  **IMPORTANT**  Bring only what you need to fish and leave nothing in your car unless you’re parking at the library.  Two of our cars were broken into; not much was taken but meth heads will do anything for something that looks even of minimal value and pawnable.  You might even want to have something in your car that says “nothing of value in here”.  Beside the car issues, the fishing was great.

Snoqualmie River - July 23rd, 2010
  • Recorded:
  • Mostly sunny
  • 57 ° F 
  • Fishing: Fair
The river is low and clear at this point. Prepare to get there super early and be patient.

Tokul Creek has shut down their summer run operation at this point. The river has been fishing fair. One take at the end of the first run at David Powewll Road.  Floating line, Purple Plum behind Bomber.

1400 cfs.
Skykomish River - July 20th, 2010
  • Recorded:
  • Cloudy
  • 58 ° F 
  • Fishing: Poor
Floated High Bridge to Sultan this morning. The river is really LOW and ultra CLEAR right now. We fished 7am to noon on a bit of a recon mission.  We didn't see any fish roll or rise. Nothing spooked out from holes or runs as the boat pushed over.

Wait for the next bit of precip and jump back on the horse. We need some rain to push some fresh fish in to the system. The river is pretty boney right now so be prepared for some rubbin and bumpin.

Black ESL, Beads/Glue Eggs, Green Butt Skunk
Cowlitz River - July 15th, 2010
  • Recorded:
  • Mostly sunny
  • 76 ° F 
  • Fishing: Good
Actually, the Tilton River....a Cowlitz tributary.

Where:  Near Morton

When:  Any time of day, although late evening is often the best dry fly fishng.

Flies:  #10 Rubber Leg Stimulators, #16 Para Wulff, #8 Speculator, #16 pearl P.T.


Fishing this little river near the town of Morton is consistently a great spot for beginners or any angler looking for a boost in confidence.  In  addition to the thousands of trout planted in this river every two weeks, a healthy population of hold-over and wild Cutthroat make the Tilton one of the safest bets on the West-side.  Add to this to the very good dry fly fishing and easy access, and you have an easy choice.

Cedar River - July 13th, 2010
  • Recorded:
  • Cloudy
  • 59 ° F 
  • Fishing: Great

Cedar River:


Where:  Lower 10 miles

When:  EARLY!  You need to be on the river at first light, fish until 7:30a.m., Denny’s by 8:00a.m.

Flies:  #6 Pat’s Rubber Legs (Brn/Blk),  #8 Speculator (Brown), #6 Double Bead Stone


Fishing the lower river for Lake Washington Rainbows and Cutts has been good very early in the mornings.  The entire river holds fish, some of them are very big, the largest fish in the river are migratory fish from the lake.  For anglers looking to get a shot at the largest fish in this river (fish from 18”-27”) the lower 6 miles holds the majority of these.  Like most big trout, going deep in the lower light of the morning is vastly more successful than other techniques.