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Sol Duc River - September 28th, 2010
  • Recorded:
  • Rain
  • 62 ° F 
  • Fishing: Excellent
Just goes to show...you DON'T have to go to Alaska to catch great quantities of really big Anadromous fish. Get out and fish Washington.

We spent the weekend fishing around Forks with Jim Kerr's guide service (www.raincoastguides.com) and while 3" of rain didn't help the cause (blowing out everything except the Sol Duc), we made do and managed an epic day of fishing on Monday.

We floated the lower river with 18" visibility and high water. While the downside is lower visibility, the benefit of big water is nice, bright, big fish...if they can see what you're chuckin'.

3 Chinook, 7 Coho, 4 Jacks and many more LDR's. 

We through quite a variety of big, ugly Salmon patterns down deep. Chartruse/Black, Bright Orange/Silver etc., etc. See Anil for more details. He has this dialed in and the shop carries all of the patterns you'll need.